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Understanding the future held in cryptocurrencies begins from the introduction of bitcoin into the market in 2009. It paved the way for other cryptocurrencies into the crypto space. For many traditional currencies users and investors, cryptocurrencies offer an alternative for payment and exchange in a secure and private environment.

Cryptocurrencies further offer us a decentralized way of dealing with «money,» giving users complete control over their funds and assets. Moreover, points of contention like privacy and security, which have been a significant issue with centralized financial systems, can be avoided with digital currencies. 

Scarcity gives cryptocurrencies value as they have a limited supply of coins. Other advantages include high transaction speeds and low transaction costs.

This article aims to point out four notable cryptocurrencies in history in terms of technology, growth, and dominance, so stick around to find out more.

Apollo Currency

Apollo Currency (APL) is the world’s most feature-rich currency known to combine useful features from the top 20 coins. It can overtake the top cryptos lacking the sustainability issues that most, if not all, cryptocurrencies have.

APL is also the fastest currency in the market, working within sub-seconds through 1 to 2-second speeds per transaction. It goes against the norm of growth, implicating speed, and efficiency by utilizing database level sharding. APL relieves its blockchain of bloating from traffic, being the first digital currency to implement the feature successfully.

Other features that solidify it as a competitive currency include the Apollo adapter, Apollo alias system, Apollo atomic swaps, node synchronization, and many more. It is also on a path to mass adoption with initiatives, including the Africa initiative, Apollo bank initiative, and Apollo mass adoption initiative.

It runs on the Hermes blockchain in conjunction with the Olympus protocol to provide a safe and private ecosystem for users. It further enables users a choice of sending either public or private transactions. The blockchain holds the open-source code for token development, which anyone can utilize without complex code.

The currency will soon be the first to adopt real quantum resistance and dApps infrastructure with limitless storage space. Get your APL coins today on BitMart, Apollo DEX, and more.

Gold Secured Currency (GSX)

GSX is a stable coin that runs on the Apollo blockchain and is supported by gold and a gold-rich land. The utilization of blockchain technology by GSX ensures safe operations due to its decentralized design. 

The coin is currently at pre-sale with a price of $0.046, and its value is bound to increase over time, ultimately as mining of gold goes on. You can get your GSX coins now with up to 50% bonus on the GSX CDE. The company will burn 50% of the coins that will not sell during the Coin Distribution Event. They will go to backing the existing coins after that adding to the value increase case.

Besides, the company utilizes 50% of the expenditure to execute development programs on the Apollo network and expansion of its infrastructure. This factor and the backing from other assets, including other precious metals, help the coin’s value stay above that of the backing assets.

All GSX coin owners receive profits annually, 50% of Apollo’s gold production, making it the first stable coin that awards its users yearly dividends. After payment distribution is carried out, users can exchange the currency on the Apollo Fintech exchange system or other established exchange platforms. Users can redeem the coins based on the value of gold with a minimum redemption price of $200,000. 

GSX holders get a lifetime opportunity of being passive shareholders of gold, mining lands, companies, refineries, and other gold assets. Apollo deploys geologists responsible for conducting auditing activities in the company, which are then broadcast to the public. 

GSX coin is highly profitable and lucrative for users incorporating the characteristics of a stable coin, a cryptocurrency, and an investment coin. It will be the first stable coin to employ quantum security, veering it away from any effects when the technology comes into the stable coin world.

Bitcoin (BTC)

Bitcoin is a fast-growing cryptocurrency founded on Bitcoin technology. BTC, whose introduction to the market was in 2009, aims to facilitate peer-to-peer transactions without intermediaries’ need. 

The ecosystem is purely permissionless, meaning that any user can access their software and maximize their investments. Furthermore, users enjoy minimal fees used for transactions making it a cost-effective platform to send or receive BTC. 

Transactions take place over a short period, with every transaction details displayed on a public ledger in the form of blocks. As BTC’s value elevates, more miners will emerge to mine for blocks and, in return, get rewards. Bitcoin is becoming the most adopted cryptocurrency in the market with the highest value of $11,231 and an advanced ecosystem that is secure and highly discreet for traders.

You can get the most traded crypto on nearly every exchange, such as Binance and Coinbase

Ethereum (ETH)

Ethereum was founded in 2015, being the first cryptocurrency to introduce smart contracts into the crypto space. Smart contracts are a game-changer in other sectors, including business and real estate. Smart contracts run on the Ethereum Virtual Machine, enabling the composition of scripts on a peer-to-peer network through a distributed system. Furthermore, the EVM is a significant contributor to the integration of dApps into the crypto world.

Besides, the currency aims to bring decentralized web applications into the Internet. In turn, people will gain digital content from true ownership, accessing decentralized platforms, both private and secure, built-in payment systems, and censorship-free. 

Ethereum contains the ERC-20 open-source technology that facilitates the development of cryptocurrencies running on the blockchain almost instantaneously. Hundreds of cryptocurrencies run on the Ethereum blockchain, including BAT and VET, giving it the name «mother of all cryptos.»

The year 2016 ushered in new technology on the blockchain, the Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). DAO aims to expand the use cases into commercial and other non-profit sectors. Even though it was hacked and millions were stolen, the technology opened doors to a broader scope of blockchain and crypto uses; this makes Ethereum among the best cryptocurrencies in history. You can acquire the coin on Binance, Coinbase,, and many other exchanges.

Final Thoughts

The list of the best cryptocurrencies can go on, considering their surplus in the market, and each bringing a new feature on the table. While Bitcoin and Ethereum have been in the trade for a long time, APL and GSX are new ones that offer a most promising future of success as far as cryptocurrency growth and blockchain technology go.

Overall, whether you are new or established in the crypto market, it is vital to take note of the problems that come along with them. Carefully establishing the same will help you put in a good investment while eliminating ignorance of risk factors.

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